The advantages of using Ultra High Pressure water (UHP) for retexturing are manifold.

By using UHP the amount of water consumed is greatly reduced compared with systems using traditional water pressures, and consequentially the disposal is reduced accordingly.

The process helps conserve the country’s stock of high quality aggregates as it often eliminates the need to re- surface dress the highway.

It is relatively quick and the surface can be trafficked immediately.

Very little disruption to the traffic flow.

Not weather dependent, except for extreme heat which makes the bitumen too pliable or very heavy rainfall as it fills the debris tank too quickly.


We offer two processes.

Full lane width treatment

Our unique variable width “Z Blast” machine, developed and designed in house using over 25 years of experience, allows a full lane width (up to 3.1 m) to be retextured for both micro and macro texture. The computer controlled machine operates at pressures up to 3000 bar (45,000 psi), powering the water through an oscillating rotary system made up of many micro-jets of water giving a definitive performance. We regularly achieve over 750 m² per hour.

Having developed the variable width “Z Blast” unit, we are able to eliminate the common problems of untreated areas between the wheel-tracks which can be highly dangerous to some road users, particularly motorcyclists, and results in an excellent retextured road surface. There is no overlap either which can damage areas of the surface of the road with too much aggression. The road retexturing process is also aesthetically pleasing, giving a uniform finish.

Our retexturing process incorporates a very powerful vacuum recovery system and is designed to be one man operated, giving unrivalled safety for operators, pedestrians and passing vehicles.

Wheel tracks only treatment

If the road surface problem consists mainly of excess bitumen in the wheel tracks, particularly after a hot spell and with heavy traffic, then our latest “Roadjet” machine, designed specifically for these situations, would solve your problems. This machine is designed primarily for road treatment, and can treat just the wheel tracks, each with variable width from 400 mm to 1000 mm.

The “Roadjet” also uniquely distributes more power to the centre of the wheel track where the bitumen build-up is greatest, giving a more visually aesthetically pleasing finish.

The blasting canopies can be side shifted in or out and adjusted for width whilst working to allow for any changes required.

One man operation from within the cab ensures maximum site safety.

All functions are computer controlled using touch screen technology and are independently controlled ensuring the correct treatment for each surface. In work mode, the vehicle is hydraulically driven enabling full engine power and infinite forward speed control. All functions are driven off the truck engine, meaning fewer emissions and a quieter environment. The detritus is vacuumed up enabling safe disposal.

The operation can be carried out at forward speeds of between 500 and 2000 metres per hour, thereby greatly reducing working time.

The truck has three axles and a relatively short wheelbase making it highly manoeuvrable, useful for tight bends and roundabouts.

Our “Roadjet” range of machines have been designed and built “in house” drawing on our experience of over 25 years carrying out road retexturing work throughout the UK and Ireland.

They are one man operated ensuring the safest possible situation for operators, pedestrians and passing vehicles.

For more information contact Peter Gander direct on 07530 42 00 48 or contact the office on 01543 277 772

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